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Our mythic fabric, handwoven in Senegal.


Rabaal is a typically African fabric, handmade with cotton and silk fibre. What makes its particularity is the richness of its colours, the diversity of patterns, and finally its robustness. Made from woven strips, the pieces are assembled by a tailor to fit its final size.


Traditionally, the Rabaal is used in various rituals, as an evidence of the relationship between the generations, it maintains, strengthens…
Found in the ceremonies of marriages (the bride is covered with a Rabaal before entering the house of her husband) or naming (the newborn is wrapped in the most beautiful Rabaal of the mother), it is also used on a daily basis. The mother covers her child during his outings. In the past, women from a noble lineage used to regularly order Rabaal to the weavers who settled on the property, time to realize the fabric…
The hostess provided thread, food, and pays the labour.


The African weavers are known for their very ornate fabrics; weaving is done on two lines, one for the background of the canvas and the other upfront in contrast.
This kind of work requires the collaboration of an assistant who pulls the threads. For those reasons getting a beautiful Rabaal is laborious and expensive.


The pattern punctuated by geometric lines and ornaments contains a symbolic message.
Rabaal includes a message to detect. Just as with proverbs, we proceed by analogy and decipher the meaning; it became a vehicle of communication requiring no words. These are mystical pieces with a powerful magnetism that links critical moments of life. Rabaal is one of the means of expression at the service of women and men, to express their feelings with subtlety and refinement.

“Judge not your beauty by the number of people who look at you, but rather by the number of people who smile at you.” – African Proverb


I live in the water, yet I can breathe the air. I am strong and patient…

I represent the energy of the crocodile and symbolise the adaptability under all circumstances.


Two hands cuffed against their will or a broken chain?

I represent the energy of the handcuffs, symbolising the universal law of freedom and the will of breaking free uncompromisingly from any form of imprisonment.


I shine brightly, I am warm, I nourish and protect…

I represent the child of the stars’ energy and symbolise the guardianship of God over every one of us.


“He who does not know can know from learning.” G.F. Kojo Arthur

I represent the energy of knowledge and symbolise lifelong learning.


With every one of us, I am stronger.

I represent the energy of our common unicity, symbolising the strength of human relationships.


I love, I care, I am the source carrying all life.

I represent the wooden comb of the woman symbolising strong and powerful feminity in every aspect of our lives.


I don’t rush, yet I am always on time. Clarity is my compass, it leads me on a love path.

I represent the destiny sewn on its timeline and symbolise readiness and steadiness in every moment of one’s life.


Within me, refill your energy, make peace with yourself, dignify your life.

I represent the fence of your inner home, symbolising the purest, safest and most secure form of love.


Embrace me as a whole, love my spirit, let me embrace and love you back. Unconditionally, just because it feels good.

I represent the good bed which symbolise the lifelong relationship between two souls meeting and reflecting in LOVE.


I don’t bend, I stand still. Life’s waves bring me an ocean of possibilities.

I represent the inner house resisting the storms and symbolise fortitude and readiness for the ultimate win.


Unavoidable, essential, timeless and synchronised. Perfect achiever of my task.

I represent time’s change, symbolising the flawless dynamics of life.


I nourish your soul, your spirit and your body. By my will and mercy believe and achieve.

By God’s grace, I symbolise absolute trust and faith.

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