“Petit Bodiel”

Once upon a time in the land of giant baobabs

with copper-colored trunks and branches,

lived a clever little hare named Petit Bodiel.

Thanks to the gift of cunning sent from the

third floor of the sky by God Himself,

he manages to show the most venerable characters of the bush,

that neither size or physical strength is essential in reaching a goal.


Discover the symbolic analogy of the Adinkra

yarning the story inspired by this Fulani tale on a silk scarf.

La Grue

“Return and get it”


– Perseverance lead the path of he who learns from the past. –

Petit Bodiel is challenged to explore the web woven by his choices,

to right his wrongs and reinforce his goodness.


This pattern mix the Sankofa & Wawa Aba symbols.


“What I hear, I keep”


– The wise ones have knowledge and prudence as counsellors,

transforming lives by understanding and hope. –

Petit Bodiel receives the gift of cunning to overcome his challenges….


This pattern mix the Sesa Wo Suban & Mate Masie symbols.


“Independence comes with its responsibilities.”


– With agreement and understanding, emancipation arise,

leading to change, ruling life’s dynamics… –

As Bodiel develops his ability to listen and observe the world,

his sense of independence evolve.


This pattern mix the Fawohodie & Mmere Dane symbols.


“God Listen from the Heavens”


– As he contemplates God’s greatness,

one’s heart is filled with peace, understanding and hope… –

Bodiel is now in the World, full of hope and gratitude.


This pattern is made with the Nyame Biribi Wo Soro symbol.