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A convenient way to keep your phone safe, and a few essential cards at the same time. If you misplace your phone a lot, or even scratch a few screens, this heirloom is the perfect solution. The smooth, durable Nappa leather provides protection against minor fall damage, and you will always tell your phone from another. For a maximum style effect pair it with a handbag from l'Atelier. After all, you're an heir with a lot of flair!

Phone Holders

  • 100% real Nappa leather
  • Holds phones up to 7.5cm W x 15cm H
  • Holder size: 9.3cm W x 17.5cm H
  • Weight: 0.18kg
  • Include 4 card slots


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Care instruction

Avoid prolonged exposure to extreme heat, sunlight, water, and chemical cleaners • Avoid contact with light coloured fabrics or upholstery• Whilst a light rain shower is unlikely to harm, we recommend protecting from rain. Should your product get wet, allow it to dry naturally away from direct heat. • To clean surface wipe only with a damp lint-free cotton cloth.